Holland Elektro – EN


Pictures from Dijkpop

Saturday July 8th Holland Elektro rocked on Dijkpop in Andijk. Marjan Ooms shot some great pictures (thanks!) http://hollandelektro.com/fotos/    

Holland Elektro conquered Terschelling

On Monday June 12Th Holland Elektro produced it’s astonishing sales demonstration at The Vijfpoort, Terschelling during the Oerol festival. Young and old fans admired the “Quality that used to be so normal in the old days…” Next year our new product range?

Video single -Stop Go

Yes, a new baby is born… The video single Stop Go is live now

Presentation new video single – Sunday March 26th

The new video single ‘Stop Go – The Berlin quest’ will be presented in Swaf Hoorn on Sunday March 26th at 21:00 hrs. Including Q&A with the director and in presence of the whole team of actors and the production team. Right after this event Holland Elektro will play their set that moved Berlin so […]

New video: Holland Elektro – Live in Berlin

Sunday January 22 the first international gig of Holland Elektro took place in the authentic Zum Goldenen Hahn in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The German crowd immediately understood the message: Rock for life! Enclosed you will find the encore song Dutch Gear. Holland Elektro says: Thanks and see ya next time!